3 Tips to Get the Most out of a Luxury Kitchen

We’ve been creating amazing culinary spaces for discriminating clients for nearly two decades. Here are 3 important areas to invest money when designing your dream kitchen.

Luxury Kitchen

Renée Gaddis Interiors and Encore Development

1. Custom Cabinets: This allows you to have a unique style the is individually you.  Its also one of the main focal points in your home and where people spend the most time.

2. Bold Countertops: We love to design fun and interesting surfaces on countertops. This makes a huge statement when people enter your home for the first time.  We love using new materials and like poured concrete, reclaimed wood and pewter.

3. Hardware:  Hardware is an often-overlooked accessory that can completely change a kitchen.  Treat it like its jewelry and have fun with it.

Renée Gaddis Interiors and Encore Development