Hand Crafted Bookbinding. A Forgotten Art.

There is the age old saying “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”, I think I may have to disagree…..

Hand Crafted bookbinding is an art form that dates back to the Fifteenth Century when Guttenberg set up the first printing presses. Since then, not much has changed throughout history and fortunately this tradition still exists in some rare workshops scattered throughout the world. As you know, I am heading to Italy and cannot wait to visit the Cartoleria Pantheon Stationery Shop in Rome. They will bind anything I bring to them on the spot and have a very quick turn around so I will be able to take my new, customized books home with me.

Not heading to Rome anytime soon? The Plaza hotel in New York houses the Assouline Bookbindery where they also use these centuries-old techniques. This picture was featured in Architectural Digest showing all the beautiful vibrant colored leather and the artisan, Paul Vogel.