Vintage Trunks Add Elements of Style

Vintage trunks are unique pieces that add a bit of flair to your design.  They can work best as end tables or decorative pieces in your bedroom, living room, library or study.  Below are some RGI finds that we think would look amazing in your home.




endeavour_trunk_3_1J-Class Sailcloth Trunk

England Late 20th Century

One of a limited edition of trunks superbly made by hand with an original Britannia Silk sail designed and manufactured by Ratsey & Lapthorn for the J-Class Yacht Endeavour II in 1937.  This piece is ideally as coffee table in a Naples beach house.


020408_louisvuitton_400x400Louis Vuitton Trunk

Circa 1920’s

I love these vintage trunks from the Golden Age of Travel.  Steamer trunks such as the one above were common sights at railway stations and major docks around the world.


Vintage Military Trunk


Vintage Military Trunk

Circa 1960’s

Military Trunks come in various shapes and sizes.  They have plenty of character and create nice conversation pieces.  I personally would look for ones with some slight rusting and worn metal in designs such as the one above.


English Polished Steamer


English Polished Steel steamer liner trunk

Circa 1940’s

Below is a rare find but if you were lucky enough to get ahold of one these it would make an amazing statement in your study.


Chinese Hand Carved


Antique Chinese Traditional Hand Carved Red Truck

Circa 1800’s.

There are many extraordinary Chinese antique storage trunks. Below is a refurbished and refinished one in a nice distressed style, detailed with auspicious Shou medallions and bat symbols to attract luck and prosperity. 


Leather Trunk


Antique Crocodile Skin Trunk

England 20th Century

One from a pair of exceptionally well made trunks faced with an ancient and superbly colored antique crocodile hide with particularly large scales and vintage leather.